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7 Insights to Marketing
777 of Ecommerce

7 Insights to Marketing

  • Market where your customers are reading and viewing, not to where you and your competitors are reading and viewing.
  • Push your electronic marketing to your customers. Do not wait for them to find you.
  • People still enjoy thumbing through a catalog. They still pile them around for reference and ideas.
  • Mailers are like fishing. Right bait, right time, right place, equals right circumstance (bite).
  • Inspire your customers to think. What have you done or thought about lately to _________.
  • Reduce the risk of injury?
  • Improve your order fulfillment?
  • Improve security or reduce pilferage?
  • Be ‘simply impactful.’ You do not have their attention long, maybe 30 seconds.
  • Utilize pictures, kitting (sell it the way they use it), and prices (even if it is estimates).

777 of Ecommerce

Seven things an eCommerce site needs:

  • Call to action on every page
  • Customer service link on every page
  • Kitted product (the way the customer uses it) with pricing
  • Pictures or accurate drawings of the item(s) being sold
  • Case study link on each core page
  • Exceptional navigation
  • Appeal

Seven actions that must take place:

  • Responsive
  • ‘Be a Resource and a Servant’™
  • Great Proposal
  • Justifications
  • Alternatives
  • Follow-up
  • Follow-through

Seven suggested business activities:

  • Capture information at the front
  • Capture information at the middle
  • Capture information at the end
  • Assist Sales in reaching their goals
  • Create a ‘house’ revenue stream
  • Move to what is ‘hot’
  • Improve the processes continually