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The great ones all have coaches. There are times that an unbiased outside party with executive industry experience can reduce stress and increase performance. All topics are on the table. Feedback provided on your ideas. Experience provided on your questions. Suggestions regarding your concerns. Conversations regarding operational, sales, or marketing. Coaching is about improving performance, improving value, and improving quality of life.

Quarterly rate plus travel expenses...

  • One 5 hour face to face meeting per quarter
  • Three one hour scheduled teleconferences (1 / MN) per quarter
  • Unlimited access via phone or email


When you are working "IN" the business, there are not enough hours in the day to work "ON" the business. Improving your operations, sales processes, and marketing will improve efficiency and productivity, provide more control and insight, and deliver greater Profitability. The most profitable companies are always working "ON" the business. The most valuable companies have Sales Force Effectiveness and Sustainability. WaID-C Services can provide a steady pace of moving your company forward by carrying some of the load created by "ON" the business projects. Being your Force Multiplier.

Monthly rate plus travel expenses

  • Any required "ON" the business project activities you choose
  • Unlimited access via phone or email

Board Service

There is a lot of insight that can be gained from an external Board Member. They do not have the same blinders created by 'that is how we have always done it.' They have a different set of experiences to bring to the table. They ask questions that someone internal might never risk asking. They are not inhibited by politics.

Steven W Strifler has over 50 years of cumulative Board Service.

Acceptable meeting rate plus travel expenses


Some "ON" business projects are important enough, critical enough, to complete on an expedited time frame. Improving performance on your critical numbers and processes can drop millions to the bottom line.

Fees established on a project basis based upon the scope of work

  • Project completion to specific objectives (start to finish)
  • Unlimited access via phone or email

WaID-C Services' Top 7 Sales Process ™ and Implementation

Customer Focused Process
Win larger Opportunities with more Contribution more Often
Create Sales Effectiveness and Sustainability

  • Top 7 Sales Process (Sales Information)
  • 3 Days of Implementation
  • Quarterly Follow-up for One Year
  • Goals, Milestones, Ownership, Risks
  • Additional Implementation Assistance Available

Top 7 Sales Process ™ has effectively increased sales and Profitability for more than 15 years.

WaID-C Services can get your company to a more profitable tomorrow…

We will be your Force Multiplier