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Top 7 Sales Process ™ has effectively increased sales and profitability for more than 20 years.

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WaID-C Services, Inc. Top 7 Sales Process

Put the Focus on your Customer! Stop selling and start assisting your Customer with Investing!

'Be a Resource and a Servant'™ for your Customer!

Get personnel onboard and producing fast!

WaID-C Services, Inc. Top 7 Sales Process™ is the process that your Customer's are glad you utilize.

A Process for New or Seasoned Professionals

Because it is not about them, it is about the Customer

Sustainable Sales Process - Maintain a Strong Pipeline - Increase Contribution - Block competition through Superior Value for the Customer - Short term Wins with Long-Term Success - Win by Serving and Creating Value for the Customer - Be Process Focused - Better Processes create better Returns

Win larger Opportunities with more Contribution, more often

Top 7 Sales Process™ has effectively increased sales and profitability for more than 15 years.

WaID-C Services, Inc. Top 7 Sales Process


48 to 49 percent of your time should be spent face to face with your top 42 customers.

51 to 52 percent of your time should be spent on creating proposals, following up, pursuing other opportunities, research, education, training, project visits, and other development activities.

Top Skills of Successful Sales Personnel

  • Think in terms of processes
  • Speak with questions
  • Listen and take notes
  • Communicate well in writing
  • Understand that ‘Character + Competence = Trust’™
  • Personal Organization
  • Always think from the customers' view

Types of Activities

  • Pipeline
  • Opportunity
  • Proposal
  • Follow-up
  • Modify
  • Orders
  • Post-order
  • Pre-pipeline (most important to long-term success)

Activities a Visit Should Include

  • Questions
  • Educate
  • Discover
  • Call to action
  • Restate commitments
  • Ask
  • Define yourself


  • Step One: Have confidence in yourself (It is about assisting the customer - it is not about you)
  • Step Two: Ask!!!
  • Step Three: REPEAT
  • Routing
  • Document and categorize questions
  • Relationships are for long-term selling and the mass generation of profits over time
  • Long-term winning requires short-term wins
  • Not all relationships are the same
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Components of Opportunity Management

  • ‘Be a Resource and a Servant’™
  • ‘Character + Competence = Trust’™
  • Do not sell… Assist the customer in investing
  • Be responsive
  • Follow-up! Stay in touch
  • Communicate
  • Get agreement step by step
A woman pointing to the ceiling with paper stars hanging from it.

Items That Should Be Included in All Proposals

  • Repeat
  • Recommend
  • Justify
  • Alternatives
  • Related Items
  • Pictures / Drawings
  • Speed
  • Do not make closing hard. Close with questions
  • Know your Profit Models. Profit Models create a path for continued success
  • Be a Tracker! Information and data has no shelf life and can be used in all types of ways
  • Analytics… is all about being intimate (knowledgeable) with your Customer's business and your own
  • Be focused on what the customer needs to do, where they need to do it, and how they need to do it, based on their desires and the data


  • Get the customer from where they are to where they want to be…
  • Goals create paths and forward pull

Know the Terminology for Selling to Customers

  • Subtle words can inspire dynamic responses in attitude and acceptance

Management / Leadership

  • Customers (Others) should be more successful because of your involvement than they would be without it…